Welcome, if you are interested in constitutional and administrative laws in the UK Overseas Territories, and what's wrong with them, you are in the right place. While this site is devoted to the Turks & Caicos Islands specifically, many issues are of interest to other OT's. Anyone that would like to participate or contribute to constitutional reform is welcome. Contributors or institutions, particularly those with relevant knowledge or concerns, can join and start making a difference.

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Mission Statement

Law Against Injustice is a not for profit NGO devoted to correcting errors in statutory law or it's interpretation. It is our hope that this site will foster and encourage a collaborative approach to researching and correcting defects in constitutional and administrative law.

It is our belief that the correct application and administration of law is vital to organized civil society. In correcting defects of this nature the Turks and Caicos will benefit from a more democratic, transparent and open society. In such circumstances the future development and welfare of the islands will be enhanced.

This is not a political think tank and political ideas or commentaries are not welcome. The sole purpose is to use existing laws to correct injustice. There undoubtedly will be cases where the statutory legislation does not reflect democratic consensus or is inappropriate. These are matters that require political intervention, not ours.

In order to deal with issues of this kind a logical and ordered process is required. Starting with finding potential issues, then researching and assessing the issue. If a matter is considered of sufficient importance, and there are sufficient resources, then it will then be adopted as a project. The advocacy will consist of, first notifying the relevant body or bodies of our detailed concerns then, if a reasonably satisfactory response is not forthcoming, to litigate the issue.